AS3Isolib Game : Veer

I’ve been working on a facebook game called Veer (launched on January, 4th, 2012) for my client, Handson Entertainment . In this game, you play as a reporter, like Lois Lane, working for a news station, Veer. You begin your journey in a remote island called “Tuto Island” where you learn the basics of the game and then, as you level up, you will be taken to cities/places such as Paris, Monaco, Zanzibar, Beijing, etc. to hunt for interesting news. Based on your locations and levels/experience, you will have different missions/tasks from finding a missing colleague, locating a run-away celebrity, and so on. Also, you get to visit famous landmarks like The Eiffel and Louvre Museum in Paris.

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Class Generator Flash Extension

Here’s an extension that allows you to quickly export your symbols for actionscript and create their bound-classes.


  1. Manual & automatic modes. In manual mode, the extension will only process the selected symbols in the library panel. In automatic mode, it will process all symbols of the types you choose.
  2. You can select a folder (root) where the .as files will be created. If you don’t select a root folder, the files will be created in the same folder as your .fla.
  3. Custom base classes and packages. Note that this extension will not create the base class for you.

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Isometric Helper Flash Extension

I’ve been working on isometric games for quite a while. Although i work with a team of artists who are capable of making beautiful assets, I often need to create them myself for quick prototypes. Creating isometric assets is time consuming. I know prototypes don’t have to be pretty but still, I don’t want to show crap.

I had been looking for a flash extension that could help me quickly create assets but I found none that i liked so I decided to make one myself. This is the first flash extension that i ever made. One thing I learned from making this extension : JSFL is a pain in the ass.

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IRS, US tax Confusion: Offshore freelancers don’t need ITIN

I had been trying to get my individual tax id from IRS since January because the company i’m working for told me that I needed it in order to get full payments, otherwise they had to withhold 30% of my monthly fees according to IRS regulation. People said it would be a long process, and they are right!

After months exchanging emails with a tax consultant, getting the required papers from the company & from SSA office in the US embassy in Manila, sending my passport to a friend in the US to get a notarized copy, etc., I received a letter from IRS saying that my application was rejected because my passport copy was not properly notarized. I was puzzled so I asked my manager in the US to call IRS to get a clarification. After about an hour of getting transferred from one IRS agent to another (it would cost me a serious amount of $ if I called them myself), he finally got to talk to someone who could answer our inquiry. The answer is … I don’t need/qualify for ITIN because I perform my work in Indonesia, not in the US. The agent referred to this IRS publication, specifically the part that reads:

[box title=”Quote” color=”#333333″]Services performed outside the United States. Compensation paid to a nonresident alien (other than a resident of Puerto Rico, discussed later) for [highlight]services performed outside the United States is not considered wages and is not subject to withholding[/highlight].[/box]

So if you’re working remotely for a US company and the company asks for your ITIN, show them the publication.