Bye TextPattern, Hello WordPress!

Soooo I’ve had enough of all the hassles in writing posts that had lots of sourcecodes to show. While TxP is really good cms, lean and fast, writing such posts was really a pain in the butt . Textile kept messing things up so I had to disable it and write my posts in raw HTML.  I know there are plugins to help me show formatted sourcecode but none was good enough for me.

Also, there’s no”preview mode” that allows me to see how my draft would look on my site without actually publishing it, so each time I wanted to preview my post, I had to publish it, view it on my site, and if something went wrong, set the post back to draft, tweak the HTML, published it again … over and over until it looked good.

I had been using TxP for 2.5 years or so. It’s time to say goodbye and switch over to something that may suit me better, WordPress.

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