Class Generator Flash Extension

Here’s an extension that allows you to quickly export your symbols for actionscript and create their bound-classes.


  1. Manual & automatic modes. In manual mode, the extension will only process the selected symbols in the library panel. In automatic mode, it will process all symbols of the types you choose.
  2. You can select a folder (root) where the .as files will be created. If you don’t select a root folder, the files will be created in the same folder as your .fla.
  3. Custom base classes and packages. Note that this extension will not create the base class for you.



Download the extension here [download id=”15″ format=”2″]. Extract the zip and install the mxp.


If you want to use this extension when working on an ongoing project. Make sure you backup your .as files before generating classes as this extension might overwrite them.

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  1. Brilliant tool, I use it and love it 🙂 Anyway, do you have any good tutorial on making the flash extension?

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