Isometric Helper Flash Extension

I’ve been working on isometric games for quite a while. Although i work with a team of artists who are capable of making beautiful assets, I often need to create them myself for quick prototypes. Creating isometric assets is time consuming. I know prototypes don’t have to be pretty but still, I don’t want to show crap.

I had been looking for a flash extension that could help me quickly create assets but I found none that i liked so I decided to make one myself. This is the first flash extension that i ever made. One thing I learned from making this extension : JSFL is a pain in the ass.

What does it do?

Just a few things that I need:

  • Create an isometric grid and put it in a guide layer. Note: if you’re using as3isolib, cell height in the panel = IsoGrid.cellSize
  • Transform (skew, rotate, scale) selected objects on the stage so that they can be used for constructing isometric objects

How to use


Download the extension here [download id=”14″] . Extract the zip and install the .mxp.

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