A Teacher Called Me Fake

I’ve been meaning to learn spoken English from native speakers ( my spoken English is badly broken, fyi ). After googling and looking at some e-learning portals, I found one that seems really good with many learners and a huge list of tutors to choose from; Edufire. The best thing I like about it is that there’s no fixed price. Each tutor has his/her own hourly rate, many of them offer free classes too. Great. I don’t want classes so I looked for a teacher whose rate for a private session is within my budget.

Long story short, I requested a private one-on-one tutoring session with someone named K.N., a real English teacher whose profile looks really good. He’d taught dozens of learners, teaches English classes for immigrant students in some college, his students rate him good, and so on. Looked like a perfect tutor. At first, yeah.

After exchanging messages a few times, I and K.N. agreed to do a session on Sunday, around 12.00 pm my time. He said he would like to help me speaking in English without translating what I want to say from my mother language. Cool. So I made the payment through Paypal.

I was excited to have my first session until today. A few hours ago I received an email from Edufire that said it’s going to undergo a maintenance on Sunday and I was given an option to reschedule. So I did. I asked K.N for a session next week.

I was upset by his reply.

What a teacher. He must have been on crack.
I’m now looking for another teacher; who doesn’t suck.

Btw, if you want to learn english or any language (Hindi? Maui? Klingon?) with native speakers, give Edufire a try. There are hundreds of teachers with affordable rates and you’ll get good support from the company too. One of the staff named Marco is so nice. He took care of my problem and refunded my money in no time.

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