Send Bitmap via Email

Here’s a small application that allows you to draw and email the drawing as an attachment.

Click to launch the application

Click to launch the application

Received Email in Outlook

Received Email in Outlook


  • Flex 3 Project Archive : [download id=”5″]
  • PHP script : mailer.txt (right-click → Save As)

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  1. mas sebelumnya salam kenal ,saya ade.,
    mau tanya, function php yang mana, yang digunakan untuk ngirim data ke email?
    itu yg file maler.php, source codenya seperti ini ?

    Warning: file_put_contents(temp/) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Is a directory in /home/masputih/public_html/ on line 9
    unable to write image data

  2. @ade
    aww … sori, extensionnya masih php, makanya yg keluar malah error msg gitu 🙁 . Udah diganti jadi .txt, silaken coba donlod lagi.

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