AS3Isolib Game : Veer

I’ve been working on a facebook game called Veer (launched on January, 4th, 2012) for my client, Handson Entertainment . In this game, you play as a reporter, like Lois Lane, working for a news station, Veer. You begin your journey in a remote island called “Tuto Island” where you learn the basics of the game and then, as you level up, you will be taken to cities/places such as Paris, Monaco, Zanzibar, Beijing, etc. to hunt for interesting news. Based on your locations and levels/experience, you will have different missions/tasks from finding a missing colleague, locating a run-away celebrity, and so on. Also, you get to visit famous landmarks like The Eiffel and Louvre Museum in Paris.

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Making Rotatable IsoGroup

In this article, I will show you how to make a rotatable IsoGroup in As3Isolib. Well, I don’t actually rotate the group but instead, I reposition the group’s children so that the group appears to be rotated. :-)

If you’re new to As3Isolib, you can learn a bit about the basics here. If you know the library already, you might want to skip step 1.

Basic steps:

  • Subclass the IsoGroup
  • Map the group’s children’s positions to a 2d array
  • Add rotation logic
  • Rotate the array
  • Use the array to reposition the children
  • Render

What I need:

  1. as3ds Array2 class
  2. an algorithm to rotate a 2d rectangular array. Just google it. It’s everywhere :-)

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SpriteSheet class for AS3Isolib

One of the requirements of my latest as3isolib project was to have “realistic” looks for all objects. The only way to achieve this is use bitmap assets so I paid a friend who’s really good at making animated 3d models to create animated assets for me and render them as PNG sprite sheets. Another thing I had to do was blit the sheets but there’s no built-in bitmap blitter class in as3isolib that I could use so I wrote the SpriteSheet class below.

Next, I’ll explain how to create your sheets.

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Creating Drag-and-Drop for AS3 Isolib

Some folks had asked about drag-and-drop mechanism in as3isolib discussion group. While there’s no such feature built-in in the library, it’s not hard to write it yourself.

So here’s a super simple class that provides that mechanism, called DragManager. I borrowed the idea from Flex’s DragManager. Note that this class is really a simple one and it doesn’t respect “grid” so you’ll have to modify it if you want to use it in a grid-based isometric space. Trust me, it’s not too hard 😉

Click to see the demo

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