Helping client find a web host

So you have done a flash website for your client. You put all the necessary files on your server for demoing your hard work to them. They like it very much and think that you’re the best coder out there.

Now they want your help to set up a server for the website too because it is the first website they ever had and they don’t have a clue on how and where to host their shiny, brand new website. They are not really tech-savvy so telling them to google for web hosts won’t do any good for them. They might even get confused by thousands of web hosting sites Google gives them. Of course, you can go to authoritative forums like to help them find a good host but it’s going to cost you some time. Oh and the client think that you can do this for free because you’re a rock star coder and you can do it in just a few minutes.

I had been in the same situation many times. The best places for me and my clients to look for solid webhosts and compare them easily are webhosting review sites. A review site that I just recently found is Web Hosting Search. This review site provides quick links to find hosts along with their ratings by the operating systems. So if your client wants Mac, you can just go to Mac Web Hosting or Windows Web Hosting if they want Windows.

Webhostingsearch is more than just a review site. It also contains lots of useful informations for people who don’t know anything about web hosting or the web in general. So your client will not only be able to choose a web host that fits their site’s requirements and their budget but they can also learn a few things about the web like how to set up a website, what web hosting is all about, etc. So whether it is a Mac Web Hosting or a Windows Web Hosting, they have it!

So, by directing your client to Webhostingsearch, you not only save your time and theirs but also help them to learn more about the web.

Good luck!

Creating Drag-and-Drop for AS3 Isolib

Some folks had asked about drag-and-drop mechanism in as3isolib discussion group. While there’s no such feature built-in in the library, it’s not hard to write it yourself.

So here’s a super simple class that provides that mechanism, called DragManager. I borrowed the idea from Flex’s DragManager. Note that this class is really a simple one and it doesn’t respect “grid” so you’ll have to modify it if you want to use it in a grid-based isometric space. Trust me, it’s not too hard 😉

Click to see the demo

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Beli ebook murah di O’Reilly

Minggu lalu ada promo gila di O’reilly. 1 ebook, judul apapun, diobral $10. Jadi deh beli 4 ebook.

Lucunya karena promo ini server mereka overloaded jadi ada order yg ga langsung muncul di account. Yang muncul juga ga bisa diunduh.

O'Reilly ebooks

Lumayan, $40 dapet 4 buku. Kalo ga pas promo, harga totalnya bisa lebih dari $100.

A Teacher Called Me Fake

I’ve been meaning to learn spoken English from native speakers ( my spoken English is badly broken, fyi ). After googling and looking at some e-learning portals, I found one that seems really good with many learners and a huge list of tutors to choose from; Edufire. The best thing I like about it is that there’s no fixed price. Each tutor has his/her own hourly rate, many of them offer free classes too. Great. I don’t want classes so I looked for a teacher whose rate for a private session is within my budget.

Long story short, I requested a private one-on-one tutoring session with someone named K.N., a real English teacher whose profile looks really good. He’d taught dozens of learners, teaches English classes for immigrant students in some college, his students rate him good, and so on. Looked like a perfect tutor. At first, yeah.

After exchanging messages a few times, I and K.N. agreed to do a session on Sunday, around 12.00 pm my time. He said he would like to help me speaking in English without translating what I want to say from my mother language. Cool. So I made the payment through Paypal.
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